Two of natures most cunning hunters were photographed this September in the Mont Blanc Massif.

Spotted in Passy and Saint-Gervais by the Hunting Federation of the Haute-Savoie, the Wolves have reconfirmed their presence in the Mont Blanc region.

Apart from a few live stock attacks on Mont Joly (Saint-Gervais/Megeve), the Canis Lupus have stayed very discreet amongst us in the Mont Blanc Massif.

The first wolf was photographed on September 16th by a hunter tracking a deer in Saint-Gervais,  shocked and taken back the hunter quickly snapped a photo of the large grey Wolf.

The second was photographed a few days later in Passy, ​ taken by an automatic night camera installed by a local hunter curious about nighttime comings and goings in the forest.  The predator can be seen walking past the camera with a small juvenile deer in its mouth.

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