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Last Sunday evening during a violent snowstorm, a call came in to help two stranded climbers.

The two climbers were stuck on the Argentiere glacier under the seracs near the Lognon chalet, the area is famous for winter climbing.

Given the strong winds and driving snow the PGHM helicopter was grounded, luckily for us bad weather does not stop the world’s best rescue mountain service, the Chamonix PGHM.

Weighed down with kit four Rescuers set out into the night.

The rescuers set up a RDV with an experienced piste grooming operator, who bought them to the cliffs edge just under the Chalet lognon, the rescuers went on to set up a rope winch in order to pull up the blocked climbers.

The operation finished around midnight with both climbers in good health.

Colonel Bozon of the PGHM said:

“The mountaineers were unable to get themselves out,  but thanks to the grooming machine and the dexterity of its driver we were able to extract them via the rope winch”

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