Nid d’Aigle Planet Chamonix

Nid d’Aigle 2372 Metres. 

Yesterday, Friday the 31st of May at around 1 pm, a mountaineer fell on a high alpine trial at the arrival station of the Nid d’Aigle.

The mountaineer was part of 3 man climbing group, the fatal fall took him down 100 metres over rocky terrain.  The party was not roped at the time of the fall.

Team Planet Chamonix have been hiking up around the Nid d’Aigle last summer and were amazed by how raw and rugged the terrain was, many cliffs and steep rocky ravines to overcome.  Add a deep base of unstable spring snow and we can truly understand how dangerous the spring high mountains are this year.

Our prayers go out to the climbers friends & family.

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