Climbers Rescued Off Mont Blanc

Wednesday saw the Chamonix PGHM (Mountain Rescue) have one of their first busy days of the season.

Six call outs were made throughout the day, involving both helicopters plus a doctor riding onboard from Sallanches hospital.

  1. Early afternoon, Contamines-Montjoie, a 71 year old man fell badly whilst skiing, he was air lifted to Sallanches hospital.
  2. Then, the PGHM rescued a snow shoe hiker who found himself in trouble, uninjured he was airlifted back to the Drop Zone in Les Bois.
  3. Later, a young girl had a luge accident on the Bettex piste in Saint-Gervais. She was taken to Sallanches hospital with minor injuries.
  4. Three snowshoers were also evacuated unscathed after a technical jam under the Bellachat refuge in Chamonix.
  5. In the middle of the afternoon, a man suffered trauma to his knee and was taken to Chamonix hospital.
  6. To finish the day off, a skier fell hard at Le Tour resulting in light trauma to the head.

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