Robert Bailey (63 years old) has been missing since Thursday.

Robert did not come back to his hotel after setting out on a hike up the Col de Forclaz, Les Houches.

The British national was wearing a blue jacket, dark pants plus a green backpack, see photo.

If you have seen anything or have any info whatsoever, please get in contact with the rescue services on  04 50 53 16 89, he is also diabetic.

🙏Lets pray he’s found soon.🙏

Robert Bailey Missing Person Planet Chamonix
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  1. Janet , Smith
    Janet , Smith says:

    Praying for Dr Bailey . He’s such a lovely man friend and gp . Looking forward to retiring

  2. wendy sheppard
    wendy sheppard says:

    Just heard this sad sad news, beside myself please please find him, praying soooooo head, he’s been my GP for 27 years

    • Patrick Murray
      Patrick Murray says:

      Not yet… it’s hard finding out anymore info. the area has been searched very well, plus the rivers. but yet still no sign. maybe he changed his itinerary?

  3. Kate
    Kate says:

    Thoughts and prayers to Rob & his family at this distressing time.
    Dr Bailey has been my GP all of my life and he is the best Doctor I could have hoped for. He has seen me through some terrible times and is always so thoughtful and caring in everything he does. He treats people as individuals and always makes time for everyone. His knowledge & experience is second to none.
    I am deeply saddened that he is currently missing & I pray he is found safe and well soon.

  4. PCS
    PCS says:

    Rob is Secretary and valued member of Peterborough Choral Society. We hope against hope that he will be found.

  5. Andrew Morrison-Blake
    Andrew Morrison-Blake says:

    This man is not just my G.P he is the reason I am still alive today.His kindness and compassion are amazing.
    I hope they find you safe Dr Bailey

  6. Joanne Dalrymple-Smith
    Joanne Dalrymple-Smith says:

    So sad – such an excellent GP. Thoughts and prayers for his family at this difficult time.

  7. Zoe Angeloni
    Zoe Angeloni says:

    Please be safe Rob. I know its a long time but I’m just hoping there is a miracle and you find your way home one way or another. All my thoughts with you and your family

  8. Mollie Lipscombe
    Mollie Lipscombe says:

    This is my dr . I am worried so much . Dr Bailey is a wonderful man and a friend . Please find him safe and well and bring him home to his family . Thinking of his family and friends . Xxxx

  9. Jacey Canham
    Jacey Canham says:

    I’m praying that he is found safe and sound! Thoughts are with his family and friends:( he is an incredible man and has helped me through so much! The best doctor I have ever had and no one will ever compare to him! xxxx

  10. Nigel Eagle
    Nigel Eagle says:

    What a lovely man Rob Bailey is, he is my GP, always has time for me and no doubt all his other patients, he’s helped me through my recent illness and I dearly hope he is found safe and well as soon as possible

  11. Nigel Eagle
    Nigel Eagle says:

    A lovely man who has helped me through my recent illness, hopefully he wii be found safe and well very soon.

  12. Tamsin see-wiles
    Tamsin see-wiles says:

    I was one of the last patients of the day when he did steroids in my wrist. He said he was excited to finish early and get ready for a 2 week holiday. I said to have a lovely time. He was due to due my minor surgery on my neck 3rd April when he was back had text from Surgery to be cancelled.. Dr Bailey has been my Dr since I was a little girl. Best Dr by far. He wanted to retire few years ago and he didn’t he went to 2 days a week over worked I say. Such a lovely person has time for everyone. I really hope your well and safe Mr B. Thinking of you and your family. Xx

  13. wendy sheppard
    wendy sheppard says:

    Have they not found him yet? or even any of his belongings, hat, glasses phone, wallet? why not? this is so tragic,to the most loveliest, caring amazing man please just tell us something, in tears xx

  14. Martin Harris
    Martin Harris says:

    DR Bailey is a amazing man he has been my doctor for 30 years can can say he saved my life. His caring attitude and patience helped diagnose my cancer. And get me started on chemo. He is a amazing man with such a caring attitude I really hope he is found safe and well your are in our thoughts and our prayers are with doctor Bailey’s family

    • Stuart
      Stuart says:

      I have just returned from a doctors appointment at his surgery, I did ask another doctor, but no-one has any idea what has happened to him.

      He has also been my doctor for 28ish years since he started at the cathedral square doctors surgery many years ago, he replaced Dr Catnak when he retired I beleave.

    • Stuart
      Stuart says:

      I have just returned from a doctors appointment at his surgery, I did ask another doctor, but no-one has any idea what has happened to him.

      He has also been my doctor since he started at the cathedral square doctors surgery many years ago, he replaced Dr Catnak when he retired I beleave.

  15. Janet
    Janet says:

    Yes Stuart he did replace Dr catnach . I remember the old surgery very well the time you had to take a ticket and wait your turn . Or even just ask people who were in front of you . .I suppose the drs have been advised not to speak about it .until something definite has been confirmed . I hope his family get closure . He’s such a lovely gp and person .

  16. Eileen Blackler
    Eileen Blackler says:

    Dr Bailey was my doctor for 30yrs and saw my girls growing up. We are all very sad and pray he will be found soon to bring closure for his family. He was such amazing dr who always had time to listen to you.
    Thoughts and prayers for Dr Bailey and his family.

    JOY WATKIN says:

    Please, please, please any news about Robert Bailey, he is a lovely man and dr, He has been my dr for a out 30 years he has saved my son life and mine so please keep looking for him and hopefully you will find him safe and well my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and friends xxx

  18. Zahim Khan
    Zahim Khan says:

    I’m shocked and deeply concerned by this news

    A wonderful man and best GP ever.

    I will pray for him and his family.

  19. Rachel Khan
    Rachel Khan says:

    My heart goes out to him and his family, such terrible news. I hope he is found soon, he has done such a lot for me and my family.

  20. Karen Halmshaw
    Karen Halmshaw says:

    Still can’t believe he’s missing so saddened. Family Gp from the start feel so sad as he was retiring this June . His poor family

  21. Donna Wright
    Donna Wright says:

    I know it’s been nearly 4weeks but is there any update please. He is a wonderful doctor and family man.

    • Janet , Smith
      Janet , Smith says:

      They have scaled back the search Donna as all places have been searched . Apparently there’s a very densly wooded area that’s been searched by helicopters . But still nothing . I feel so terrible for Dr Bailey’s family and staff at the surgery. . you’re right he is a wonderful Dr and more like a friend 😢

  22. Donna Wright
    Donna Wright says:

    Thanks for your reply Janet Smith.
    I was rather hoping and praying that the man the 2 ladies found was our wonderful doctor. I think I am like many others just hoping and praying.

    • Janet , Smith
      Janet , Smith says:

      I wasn’t aware of two ladies finding someone . I to am hoping for someone to find Dr Bailey so his family can have closure . .I can’t imagine how they feel . I know how I feel and that’s bad enough . 😢

  23. wendy sheppard
    wendy sheppard says:

    Ditto Janet, I feel sick n constantly shakey his poor poor family, closure is what we all need. still can’t believe it, he was such a lovely, caring amazing friend. I’m still praying for them to find him but don’t know what the weather is doing out there but he deserves to at least be bought home x

    • Janet , Smith
      Janet , Smith says:

      Think it’s been snowing .again . You’re right he was always such a lovely man gp and friend . I really hope he is found for his family . I hope Murphy is not missing him too much either . He loved that dog . The tales he would tell about him lol x

  24. Janet , Smith
    Janet , Smith says:

    Tragic no words can even begin to say how we are feeling at this moment . RIP Dr Bailey . 😢😢

  25. Matt Holman
    Matt Holman says:

    Very sad news that Robs body has now been found. My condolences and thoughts are with his family. He was also my GP and I have a lot to thank him for. He also attended the Glinton Charity Bike Ride that I organise every year. RIP Rob, We will all miss you greatly xx

  26. Carrie clark
    Carrie clark says:

    Our thoughts are firmly with his family at such a difficult time…Rob Bailey has been our GP for almost 30 years and has looked after 3 generations of my family with such care and attention from birth to death – his support went truly above and beyond and will never be forgotten

  27. Emma Tiffin
    Emma Tiffin says:

    RIP Rob, this is a tragedy for Cambridgeshire and all Rob’s patients and family. Your kindness, willingness to listen and resilience will never be forgotten.

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